I have always been an adventure seeker and chased the thrill of exciting sports.

I started out with mountain biking from a young age where I have

 competed in several endurance races over the years. In 2009 I decided to try kitesurfing and from that day I was hooked. Later that year I sold my mountain bikes to solely focus on kitesurfing. Since then I am the first one riding in the morning and the last to come back in the evening.   

Out in the water I always push my limits when practicing new moves. I feel most alive when doing big jumps. I have been a Kitesurf Instructor since 2012 and have taught several hundred students with a great success rate. In 2015 I decided to open my own Kitesurf School to share this addictive sport with you!


Nationality: Kiwi
Favourite Spots: Waionui Inlet (Muriwai Heads)
Idol: Ruben Lenten
Instructor Since: 2012
Favourite Move: Big Air
Fear: no wind
Favorite Kites: 8m Crazyfly Sculp / 10m Best Roca
Boards: Crazyfly Bulldozer