Build your confidence

If you’re already riding but need an instructor who will supervise you during your training this will be the right option for you. This course is also ideal for kitesurfers who have had a break and want to get back into this fun sport.

During the exercises you will practice coordinating the correct movement of the kite as well as the correct body position on the board while riding, create and maintain speed, change directions. We’ll finish off the third lesson by practicing riding in both directions so you have the skills and confidence to go out by yourself.

From here it’s really up to you as to how fast you progress, the more you are out there on the water the better you will be. I am happy to help you on your journey to become an independent Kitesurfer who enjoys the rush of kitesurfing.




$25 pp per hour

Group of 3-5 ppl



For bookings call Ricky: 0272272280

or send an email: