Let’s ride the wind and become a kite rider

In this lesson we will jump straight into our wetsuits before you

set the kite up for the first time yourself. I’ll then show you how to

launch and land your kite on the beach. However as a beginner

you’ll be launching the kite in the water because at this stage this is

the safest method for someone new to the sport.

This is the second of three lessons included in the Beginner Package Deal which includes 9 hours of Kitesurfing lessons over three days.

To warm up you’ll spend some time body dragging down wind before I’ll teach you how to body drag up wind. This technique is important to master in case you have to recover your board in deep water. The next step is getting the board on your feet. This is where your kite handling skills will pay off.  Once the board is on your feet I will get you up and riding. Everyone is different, some people get up and riding really quickly while others take a bit longer. The more we practice the better you will get. After this I will demonstrate the self-rescue technique which you will need to be able to do in case you were to get stranded in deep water when riding. By the end of this lesson you will feel more confident in flying your kite and you will experience the rush of kitesurfing for the first time.



$225 pp (Private)

$150 pp (Group of 2)

Duration: 3hrs // Max. 2 people


Prices include all gear required for the lessons.

I teach with the latest kite equipment, with the newest security systems: Kite + board, Wetsuits + Booties, Harness, Helmet