Experience the thrill of flying a kite

In this first lesson we will cover the basics of kitesurfing. You will be given an overview of what wind directions are suitable to kitesurf safely and how to pick the right location for your ability. We will talk about the wind window and power zone before moving on to some basic kite handling skills on land with a trainer kite.

This is the first of three lessons included in the Beginner Package Deal which includes 9 hours of Kitesurfing lessons over three days.

From there we will pump up the kite and I’ll demonstrate to you the safety system and how it works before jumping into our wetsuits and heading out. By the water I’ll teach you how to set up the kite and show you how to launch the kite in the water. Once the kite is up in the air we’ll practice body dragging down wind so you learn how to control and fly the kite correctly. At the end of the lesson you will learn how to land and retrieve the kite safely in the water. In this lesson you will have gained important knowledge about kitesurfing which will allow you to experience the thrill of flying a kite safely for the first time.



$225 pp (Private)

$150 pp (Group of 2)

Duration: 3hrs // Max. 2 people


For bookings call Ricky: 0272272280

or send an email: learn2kitesurf@rickyrush-kitesurfing.co.nz


Prices include all gear required for the lessons. I teach with the latest kite equipment, with the newest security systems: Kite + board, Wetsuits + Booties, Harness, Helmet