Q: What is Kitesurfing?

A: Kitesurfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world; it is a sport that is available to everyone who can swim, young and old. The sport is described by many as being the ultimate sport, as it harnesses the power of the wind through a Kite and propels the Rider across the water on a board.


Q: I have tried Windsurfing is Kitesurfing easier?

A: Kitesurfing is easier than Windsurfing; it is faster to learn and has lighter more compact gear. Windsurfing has several stages of learning, which can take a month or more to complete. In comparison, Kitesurfing only has one stage and basic skills to master. You will have learnt the main skills within a couple of lessons, and can be riding in a couple of weeks.


Q: Do I need to be strong to learn Kitesurfing?

A: Strength is not a big factor in Kitesurfing, which makes it equally do-able for males and females, young and old. Kitesurfing does not require much physical strength as the Harness relocates most of the load away from your arms. Most people who are in good physical condition can learn to Kitesurf, and can expect after a while of Kitesurfing to have strong legs, stomach muscles and a lightly toned upper body.


Q: How do I start learning to Kitesurf?

A: The best way to learn is to enrol for a beginner’s course with us. With the advances in kite technology and qualified instructors, learning to Kitesurf is a fun, safe and rewarding experience.


Q: Is Kitesurfing dangerous?

A: Historically Kitesurfing was quite a dangerous sport, however with the recent developments in the Kites and their Safety Systems, along with qualified Instructors, the sport has evolved and is safe once proper training has been completed.


Q: Who can learn to Kitesurf?

A: Well pretty much anybody who can swim! In my experience of teaching I have noticed that those people who don’t mind getting their head wet tend to do well. The youngest student I have taught was a 8 year old boy and the oldest a 60 something year old male, both who are now accomplished Kitesurfers.


Q: How long does it take to learn to Kitesurf?

A: This is different for everybody and depends on fitness, natural talent, previous experience and ability to learn new skills. Over the years I have had a handful of students that have learnt to Kitesurf in 2-3 lessons with most students taking between 3-5 lessons.


Q: Is the sport called Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding?

It is commonly called Kitesurfing, however many people refer to it as Kiteboarding. Both are in common usage around the world.