You are at the right place to start your Kitesurfing adventure! I am Ricky Rush, my biggest addiction in life is Kitesurfing and I want to share this exciting sport with you!

Lessons and Sessions

These are my most popular Kitesurf lessons for beginners. Start your Kitesurf adventure by booking these lessons as a package deal and I will take you from zero to hero.


Beginner Level – Kite Handling

$225 pp (private) – $150 pp (group) 


Beginner Level – Water Start and Riding

$225 pp (private) – $150 pp (group) 


Beginner Level – Improve your Technique

$225 pp (private) – $150 pp (group) 

My Beginner Package Deal includes the complete Beginner Program and gives you 9 hours of Kitesurfing lessons over the course of three days.


My partner and I wanted to learn kitesurfing for a while,we choose Ricky Rush Kitesurfing and where pleased to see how professional everything was. You just need your togs and towel, Ricky explains you everything from the beginning, provides you all the gears including shoes, wetsuit, kite, board etc. Ricky is always very calm and makes everything simple and safe. After two lessons we were both comfortable with the kite, we felt secure and we were even on the water for our first rides, jumps and jibes it was a lot of fun.

Thanks Ricky.



It was an awesome feeling getting riding on the board for the first time, like nothing else I had ever experienced before. Ricky is fantastic, he taught me at a pace that made it easy for me to progress and I felt safe when I was going out for the first time by myself.  It was one of the best experiences of my life!


Cheers Ricky! I definitely enjoyed your lessons. Ordered my kitesurf gear last night, can’t wait to get back out there.


Every lesson with Ricky was great fun. Flying the kite and body dragging in the first lesson got me hooked to this awesome sport.